Brilliant Circle Holdings International Limited (the "Company") was established on December 22, 1990 and was listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange on March 30, 2009 with stock code: 1008.

As a leader in the printing and packaging industry, Brilliant Circle primarily engages in the production and research and development of high-end cigarette packages and printed goods. The Group is ranked at the top among its peers in operating scale, research, technological innovation and profit per capita. The Group unique positioning in the field of tobacco packaging has been accredited by various institution. In 2011, China Packaging Federation granted the Group the title of “China Tobacco Packaging Research and Development Center”, responsible for undertaking major research topics for the industry.

The Group now consists of seven manufacturing entities, five of which have been awarded “National High-tech Enterprise” recognitions, and one corporate research and development center. The Group and its associated company’s annual production capacities of cigarette package printing and transfer paper are approximately 5.6 million cases and 4,000 MT. The Group and its associated company had been working closely with world class printing press manufacturers to create intelligent production line with its own intellectual property. As a result, Asia’s first roll to roll printing production line had already been completed and the second one is in the planning stages. The Group was also among the first to obtain China’s “Green Printing Enterprise” qualification. The Group has obtained high regards from its customers, major manufacturers of key Chinese tobacco brands, for providing professional manufacturing and brand improvement services.

The Group has received numerous awards including: “Leading Enterprise of Packaging in China“, “Top 100 Star Enterprises of Overseas Chinese in China”, “Excellent Products of Chinese Packaging Industry”, “Excellence Award from China Association of Plant Engineering”, “Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprise in Guangdong”, and “Shenzhen’s Enterprise with Harmonious Labor Relations”.

The Group possesses comprehensive sets of international quality certifications. It was also responsible for setting many national and industry benchmarks for printing and packaging. The Group is also engaged with many key academic institutions specializing in printing to form research and production strategic alliances, focusing on systematic research on new material, new design, new technique, new product and new equipment. So far, the Group and its associated company have 124 national patents, 2 provincial class corporate research and development centers, 2 corporate engineering centers and 2 national class testing laboratories.

Being meticulous is the unique management style of the Group. The Group is also committed to promoting excellent corporate governance in order to achieve high standard and high transparency of the business and increase shareholder value.

Through successful outward expansion and acquisition, the Group has set model experience for the industry on achieving big and strong.