• Fu Rongwang Series

    Furongwang is a symbol of high-class cigarette. Popularly known as the “jewel of tobacco”, Furongwang has received numerous honors, including: “China Famous Trademark”, “China Top Brand”, “Export Inspection-fee Products” and “Top 500 Most Valuable Brands in China”. It is now among the top three high-class tobacco brands in China. In 2012, sales and production scale exceeded 1.36 million master cases*. It is one the top high-class brands of cigarette with high scale and high popularity. With its refreshing, elegant and graceful image, Furongwang has garnered huge popularity among cigarette consumers. In the industry, it has been praised as the “model representative of Chinese tobacco”.

  • Huangshan Series

    HuangShan (Yellow Mountain): Huangshan cigarette is the signature product of Anhui CNTC. Born in 1953, Huangshan became wildly successful after the creation of “Special Huangshan” series in 1993. In few short years, Huangshan has accumulated a deep brand culture and its unique flavor has also won the hearts of the consumers. Its products are sold in 32 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, reaching a coverage rate of 97.36%. Production volume also grew from 4000 master cases to over 2 million cases in 2012.

  • Hong Jinlong Series

    Red Gold Dragon: Red Gold Dragon brand began in 1920s and was immediately popular across the nation. By staying true to the rich and natural flavor of tobacco, and with close to one hundred years of history and continued innovation, Red Gold Dragon has received “China Famous Trademark” and “China Top Brand” honors. In 2001, Red Gold Dragon was selected as one of the top 36 major tobacco brands of China. In 2004, Red Gold Dragon reached the top of the 36 major brands in terms of sales volume and was awarded the “most watched brand” of 2004. In 2005, Red Gold Dragon’s sales volume exceeded 1 million master cases and still maintained its position as one of the top 4. In the same year it was honored as one of the “fabulous 4” of Chinese tobacco. In 2007, its market coverage extended to 30 provinces and sales volume exceeded 2 million master cases, becoming one of the only three brands with sales volume of over 2 million master cases.

  • Baisha Series

    Baisha: Baisha is unique among Chinese tobacco companies. With rich aromatic flavor and sweet aftertaste, as well as improved safety standards, Baisha has become more and more loved by Chinese consumers. It was awarded “China Famous Trademark” and “China Top Brand” honors. In 2004, Baisha was selected as one of “Top 500 Most Valuable Brands in China” and “Top 100 Outstanding Chinese Enterprises”. It is among the top of the 36 high quality tobacco brands of China in terms of influence and market share. Baisha was the sixth tobacco brandto reach 1 million master cases (50 billion sticks of cigarettes) in the world.In 2005, Baisha’s scale exceeded 1.5 million master cases (75 billion sticks of cigarettes) and reached the top of sales volume four years in the row. In 2012, Baisha had reached a total sales volume of close to 3 million master cases.

  • Seven Wolves Series

    Septwovles is the core brand of Fujian CNTC. It is has received numerous honors including: “top 10 publically recognizable brands”, “China Famous Trademark” and one of the major tobacco brands of China. In order to cater to a wide range of individual needs, Septwovles has a full range of series for different types of consumers. They all use the top of the line raw ingredients and are produced with advance international technique and are put under the most stringent quality control standards. As a result, Septwolves are loved by vast amount of consumers, reaching high market coverage. In 2012, sales volume had reached 1.8 million master cases. Setpwolves represents freedom, courage, strength and transcendence. These are the values that gentlemen strive towards.

  • Other

    As a market leader in the tobacco package printing industry, we have established long term relationships with 13 out of 18 major Chinese tobacco companies, producing various different kinds of cigarette packages daily, including: Yunyan, Suyan, Hongtashan, Nanjing, Pride, etc.We also actively participate in the planning of key tobacco brands and successfully developed high end series such as “Fragrance of the National Wine • 30” series of Guiyan and “Snow Lotus” series of Yunyan.