Brilliant Circle currently has 5 operating entities. All these entities implement micro-management models and have not only achieved outstanding enterprise “AAA” credit ratings but also become major taxpayers in their respective investment locations. Our production bases have strong relationships with 14 CNTCs which represent over 70% of total cigarette production volume in China. We expect to deepen our relationship with these clients through various cooperation going forward. In the future, Brilliant Circle Holdings will capitalize on new growth opportunities by continuing to expand and enhance through operations as well as mergers and acquisition.

Shenzhen Kecai Printing Co., Ltd.(“Shenzhen Kecai”) was established in July 2003. It is located at Grand Industrial Zone, Pingshan New Area, Shenzhen is a high tech printing enterprise principally engaging in design, development and production of high-end cigarette package printing with an annual production of 1.5 million cigarette master cases. The total investment of Shenzhen Kecai is RMB350 million with a gross floor area of 100 acres. Shenzhen Kecai has the world's most advanced high-grade packaging and printing equipments for pre-press, printing and post-press encompassing 290 sets of equipments including BOBST multi-color gravure press, the German MAN Roland multi-color UV offset press, and Denmark NILPETER multi-function press, etc. Shenzhen Kecai also has a cigarettes and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) testing laboratory which was accredited by the China Packaging Federation. In additional, Shenzhen Kecai has a Research and Development Center with total investment of RMB20 million with an area of 2600 square meters which is dedicated to tobacco packaging design and development of new materials and new technology. The first prototype of intelligent and automated production line for cigarette packaging printing is expected to be ready in Shenzhen Kecai in 2016.

Accredition and Awards

National High-Tech Enterprise;

China Quality Award for Enterprises;

China Tobacco Packaging Research and Development Center;

State Recognized Tobacco Packaging Testing Center (Shenzhen);

Model Micro-Management Enterprise of China Printing and Packaging Industry.

Hunan Changde Goldroc Printing Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. It is located at Wuling Economic Development Zone, Changde. It is a large-scale enterprise jointly owned by Brilliant Circle Development Limited and Hunan CNTC. Brilliant Circle Development Limited currently owns 31% of its equity interest. Hunan Changde Goldroc Printing Co., Ltd. is equipped with top-of-the-line package printing technology to provide an one-stop solution for design, development, production, sales and promotion to its customers. As of the end of 2015, Changde Goldroc has total assets of RMB2.35 billion, a site area of 49,000 square meters and employ over 700 employees and accredited with more than 80 provincial awards. In 2015, Changde Goldroc recorded annual turnover of over RMB2.4 billion. Over the past 10 years, with the support of state authority, Hunan CNTCs and local government, Changde Goldroc has been riding on the high growth of the China cigarette industry; realized the transformation from a mere Gravure printing enterprise to a large scale printing enterprise encompassing design, modeling, sampling, multi-purpose printing and special post-press printing.

Accredition and Awards

Leading Enterprise in Chinese Packaging Industry;

National High and New Technology Enterprise;

First Batch of Enterprises in China to Receive the Green Printers Accreditation;

Member Enterprise of The National Technical Committee on Printing of Standardization Administration of China;

State Recognized Tobacco Packaging Testing Center (Hunan).

Designated Production Enterprises of Packaging Products in China

Top 10 Printing Enterprises in China

Promote industrialization enterprise in Hunan

Top 15 in China Printing Industry

Top 3 in China Cigarette Packaging Printing

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Anhui Bengbu Jinhuangshan Rotogravure Printing Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. Located at the High- Tech Development Zone, Changzhen Road, Bengbu City, it is a large scale high-tech, packaging and printing enterprise controlled by Brilliant Circle Holdings. Anhui Bengbu Jinhuangshan Rotogravure Printing Co., Ltd. provides a one-stop solution for design, development, production, sales and promotion to its customers. It has passed the international management certification of "three standards one system".

After two years of planning and construction, our new Anhui Technology Park came into production in the 4th quarter of 2015 and it sets a milestone for the development Brilliant Circle Holdings. The Anhui Technology Park has a total area of 260 acres with total investment RMB500 million, is the largest production facility of Brilliant Circle Holdings in China. Anhui Technology Park houses about 135 various large scale automated printing and auxiliary equipments, with a new tobacco research centre. Anhui Technology Park has a production capacity of 2 million cigarette master cases. With the commencement of the Anhui Technology Park, it is aimed to become a pilot site for the Group’s non-cigarette packaging business. The Group will from time to time strive to take the technological and cost advantage of Anhui Technology Park to identify suitable non-cigarette packaging business to enhance the performance of the Group.

Accredition and Awards

National High-Tech Enterprise

Model High-Integrity Enterprise

Top 100 Printing Enterprise in China

Yunnan Zhaotong Antong Package Material Co., Ltd (“Yunnan Zhaotong”). was established in 1999. Located at Fenghuang Town, Zhaoyang District, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province, Yunnan Zhaotong is a cigarette packaging materials manufacturer controlled by Brilliant Circle Holdings and focuses on the manufacturing of environmental-friendly cigarette packaging papers. It has passed the international management certification of "three standards one system". It has a site area of 11,664 square meters and is equipped with 38 printing and ancillary equipments. Its annual production volume of high-end environmental-friendly food packaging paper, generally used in cigarette, gift, tea, food and alcoholic drink packagings, has reached 4,000 tones. In 2015, it recorded revenue of over RMB40 million. Not only has Yunan Zhaotong introduced the latest computerized laminating machines but also advanced slitting and rewinding machines to manufacture aluminum foil, laminated paper and gold and silver cardboard papers. Its products have passed the tests of Yunnan CNTC and attained leading level in China.

Accredition and Awards

National Product Quality Inspection and Supervision Approved Enterprise

Designated Production Enterprise of Environmentally Safe New Packaging Materials

Xiangfan Jinfeihuan Colour Packing Company Limited (“Xiangfan Jinfeihuan”) was established in 2000, is located in the Hi-Tech Development Zone of Xiangyang, is also one of the high-tech packaging and printing enterprise within Brilliant Circle Holdings. Xiangfan Jinfeihuan is a large high-tech packaging printing enterprises, providing customers with the design, development, production, marketing and branding of packaging solutions and also passed the "three standards one system" international management certification. Xiangfan Jinfeihuan has a site area of 37,000 square meters which houses 85 sets of printing and auxiliary equipment, with a production capacity of 600,000 low to high end cigarette master cases.

Accredition and Awards

National High-Tech Enterprise

Star Enterprise for Labor Protection of Hubei Province