Introduction to Brilliant Circle Cigarette Packaging R&D Centers and state certified VOC testing Center

Locate in Shenzhen and Anhui, Brilliant Circle has two Cigarette Packaging R&D Centers and a state certified VOC testing center in our Shenzhen headquarter. The Shenzhen R&D Center is the only R&D center specializing in tobacco packaging in China accredited by China Packaging Federation.

Within the Shenzhen R&D Center, houses an industry leading VOCs testing center which is accredited with State Laboratory Testing Qualification and equips with complete sets of detection equipment, consummate detection system, testing standards and methods to yield testing results with precise accuracy which provide authoritative and professional protection to tobacco packaging.

The R&D Center has specialized and equipped with all kinds of world-class residual detection equipment for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of cigarette packaging materials, namely Perkin Elmer Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS), Agilent Gas Chromatography Spectrometry, High Performance Liquid Chromatography and Gas Chromatography, Waters Corporation Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography and UV Analyzers. Other ancillary facilities with investment more than RMB4.5 million include refrigerator, microwave digestion equipment, centralized air-conditioning for constant temperature and humidity control which strictly regulate the testing conditions.

Brilliant Circle will continue to research and develop new tobacco packaging material with an aim to improve production efficiency and create new cigarette products. At the same time, leveraging in our expertise in packaging, to collaborate with foreign and domestic firms to develop high-end non-tobacco packaging technology.